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“OUR MISSION IS TO INSPIRE A BELIEF IN ONESELF, BY ENABLING INDIVIDUALS, TO CREATE A PATHWAY THAT ENCOURAGES PURSUIT OF THEIR PASSIONS AND DESIRES” As we begin this journey, we want to start by explaining what is the vision and purpose of Simplified-U. For those of you interested in how we came up with the …

Team Building

Team building was a subject we decided to cover because what I am currently doing to attract people and what I have known (and wasn’t doing) is the best method to building a business and enjoying the process. Most people have 100’s and even 1,000’s of people that they are connected to through their social …

Love Is Emotionless

Love is a not a feeling as we are being taught. It is a choice. What? Stay with us. Love is accepting someone as they “are.” They do not have to change. They need to be authentic. The new phrase – “they need to be 100.” That means there is nothing fake or phony about …


Fear is never the issue that keeps you from accomplishing the things you desire in life. Even though most are teaching, “You must overcome your fears. You must get out of your comfort zone.” Some will even share the acronym that FEAR stands for: “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Let’s look closely and analyze this: “False …

Facebook Groups

FacebookGroups are being used by many as their number one way of marketing their business. We have found at Simplified University that most people who are using FacebookGroups are not taking advantage of the golden opportunity that is in front of them. They join a group and start immediately advertising their business. Think about it, …


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