Welcome To Simplified-U


As we begin this journey, we want to start by explaining why we are calling it Simplified-U.

Our intent is to grow this community into an environment where we will examine and give instructions on different areas that people deal with on a daily basis. We want to be a full-service community where you can learn about finances, relationships, building a business, and other areas important to your knowledge base. Most important is to “Simplify” these areas.

Most things are presented in a complicated manner. They are designed to seem confusing because your lack of knowledge benefits those that you believe are there to serve you. We want to give people wisdom and power over their life. This way you make decisions based on awareness and not what makes the most profit for those offering their services.

We will structure topics where we will offer quizzes and examines to make sure you have a clear understanding of the subjects. The same way you would if you were attending school.

The ultimate goal will be to build an environment that is so respected throughout the world, that we will be able to offer a degree program that will hold a higher value than a traditional college.

We will accomplish this by bringing in others with the same vision and mission of serving.

So we ask that you be patient with us as we turn this vision into a reality.

Aside from the knowledge that is being hidden, we know people are depressed, unhappy, living unproductive lives and settling inside of miserable relationships.

You are probably aware, all the stats and conversations about people in their life (relationships, work, daily life, etc.) say that most are not happy about their life.

An article from 2017 in Time Health said that 33% of people were happy overall. This means that 67% are unhappy overall.  http://time.com/4871720/how-happy-are-americans/

We will do our part to help people “Globally” rewrite the stories in their life that are keeping them in this unhappy state. The rewriting will allow people to attract the things they desire and to regain their joy.

The bottom line for this creation (project) is “We came to the conclusion that if most are not living their dreams, then maybe the problem is not the “Students”, but the “Teachers”.

We know this new understanding will reduce or eliminate stress, worries, depression, and allow people to be “FREE”.

So thanks again for visiting and enjoy the journey.

Your Uplifting Life Partner
Ron Simplified Myers

“It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s my opinion. – RSM

Build Better Websites & Funnels

In this day and age, any business that wants to thrive must go online.

With so many things going on around the world, and global changes that will forever impact the way people live and do business, going online is no longer just an option.

Not only to maintain their success, but even just to survive.

Sure, there are tools that are already available that any business can use to run their entire company and processes digitally.

However, any minimum amount of research will tell you that most of these products are expensive, complicated and limited in customization.

In other words, not very user-friendly, and definitely not suitable for all business owners, especially those who are less tech-savvy and might even be on a budget.

I mean, who can afford to invest thousands of dollars a month into a bunch of complicated tools, and on top of that, hire employees to manage the systems, right?

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Relationship Success Handbook

“Real life, real love…simplified. This book is simply a must-have. Ron’s relationship advice is spot-on and practical for everyone.”
LeGrande Green
4-Time Emmy Winner and former Supervising Senior Producer, “The Oprah WInfrey Show”

I am very happy to support my friend Ron Simplified Myers and his new book around relationships. He hit the nail straight on the head that we should work on getting rid of problems, not people. I believe forgiveness is truly one of the necessary components to achieve success.
Wendy Gladney Dean
Author/Motivational Speaker/Columnist

“This book breaks the mold for any run of the mill “how to find love” books. Ron beautifully blends his own personal love story about the love of his life, with an honest message of self-love for all readers. Poignant storytelling combined with a powerful honest message revealing the true nature of love!”
Christine Whitmarsh
Bestselling Author, Celebrity Ghostwriter, CEO of The Ink Agency

” In this book, Ron does not just give you the tools and the belief to create a successful relationship, but the ability to create a successful life. Yes he has the military background of integrity, the leadership of being a CEO, the experience of a 32 year relationship; yet it’s in what he learned from it all and the authenticity in which he shares his experience that makes this book so impactful. You will be left feeling free and inspired with a clear path to leave your legacy in the world through the relationships that you touch. It all starts with you.”
Aaron Freeman
Author of The New Power Couple, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Ordained Minister

Depression in Relationships

Depression just seems to be a part of relationships if you are in them long enough. This happens to be a belief held by many.

Well we don’t agree with this and our intention here will be to simplify this subject.

We know that most never stop to think, “where does this depression actually come from”. We blame others or there is something mentally wrong with us. So we accept the fact that it just happens and there is nothing we can do about it. These thoughts bring on hopelessness.

Well we know and most don’t want to hear this, but depression is bought on by the person that is in a depressed state.

They have written a story that has “victim” tied to it. As a victim, it is “not your fault”. And since it is not your fault, then what can you do?

If you stare at that statement, the answer is in the question.

First step is to accept that it is your fault. Then realize it is the victim story that was written.

There lies the answer.

Rewrite the story.

Change the story about your relationship to a point where you are at peace in your life. Once you are at peace, you will notice a shift in your relationship.

At this point, you can decide if the relationship you are in is serving you or not. Then and only then, should the question on whether to stay or get out of a relationship should manifest.

You shouldn’t leave any relationship until you resolve your “peace” issue first.


Because you will take that same person (not at peace) into your next relationship and wonder why you are getting the same results.

Again, once you are at peace, you can take an honest look at the relationship and decide – “I am in or I am out”.

Relationship Building

Relationship building is actually caring about others with no hidden agenda.

We are always asked, but I don’t know what to say.

Well the easiest way to communicate with others is to “listen”. Yes, listen.

We get so caught up in making everything about ourselves and making ourselves feel significant, that we don’t hear what others are saying.

As an exercise, watch two people and see if they are listening to each other. It will be rare that “listening” will take place.

Most people are waiting (and some interrupt) to share, how they feel on the subject.


Because we are our favorite subject.

No way, that is arrogant (we can hear some of you saying).

Call it what you want, but it is true.

There is nothing wrong with feeling significant, but when you are in a conversation with someone, allow them to be significant.

You are already significant and know that (if you have been following the teachings in Simplified University).

Become a great lister and you will watch all your relationships build.

Team Building

Team building was a subject we decided to cover because what I am currently doing to attract people and what I have known (and wasn’t doing) is the best method to building a business and enjoying the process.

Most people have 100’s and even 1,000’s of people that they are connected to through their social medias. We are caught up in all the advertising your capture pages (squeeze pages), funnels, SEO, etc.

A young lady just messaged us on Facebook and asked about “how to mass email.”

She is the inspiration for this piece.

What we asked her was, “Why are you looking to mass email? Are you looking to just mass email people and mass market or is your interest to get the best results?

Well folks (and I was told this over 20 years ago – some people take a long time to catch on lol) by Tom Hopkins (sales trainer). He said “If you take care of the people you do business with, then they will advertise for you”.

Do you get that???

Another way of saying that is (our interpretation), if you take the time and go through your social media and treat people like human beings (not numbers), you have a market and will never have to do anything cold market.

We told her to just add value on her Facebook site. As people comment and like, she can go to them and have a conversation. We didn’t say attack and try to recruit them. We said create a conversation with another human being. Through the conversation, people will let you know if an opportunity is something they are looking for. They may just need a friend at the moment.

Some folks will say “I don’t have time for that. I need to build this asap”.

Well here is a question: “How long have you been in business so far and how are your results?”

See we have all heard if you recruit 1 person a month and teach your team to do the same thing, at the end of the year you would have over 4,000 people in your organization.

This method is a way of attracting the people that are really interested in you and the direction you are going. Understand “You” are your product. If something happens to the company you are in, then what do you do? If people are attracted to you because of your integrity, they will not leave you because of the failed business. If anything they will help you find the new opportunity you both can get into.

Take the time and go through your social medias and rekindle relationships and watch the results.

If you just have 150 people (I know this is a low number but it will definitely prove the point) on your Facebook friends and contacted 5 people a day (a real conversation with no intent), it would take you a month to get through just your Facebook friends. This is not taking into account the new people you will start to attract because you are doing this.

You think 10% of the people will be looking for something to earn additional income?

10% of 150 = 15 people

What would 15 people on your team this month do for you?

What if only 5% were looking?

5% 0f 150 = 7 1/2 (if you are taking care of people that number would lean more towards 8 people instead of 7 – for those technical people lol)

Teach your people to do the same and the world is yours.

Love Is Emotionless

Love is a not a feeling as we are being taught. It is a choice.

What? Stay with us.

Love is accepting someone as they “are.” They do not have to change. They need to be authentic. The new phrase – “they need to be 100.” That means there is nothing fake or phony about them. You accept them “exactly” as they are.

We have been conditioned to believe that emotions are how you decide if you love someone or not.

Yet, we all understand that emotions change as often as the weather. And if this is true, emotions are definitely not a good way to measure if you love someone or not.

As you have learned (if you have been around Simplified University), emotions are attached to the stories that you create in your mind. If you write bad stories about someone, you will have bad feelings. If you write good stories about someone, you will feel good about them.

With this understanding that you control your emotions by your stories, then you have a “choice” on whether to love someone or not.

If you accept them unconditionally, then you love them. If you tie conditions to it (which most do), then it is not love you are looking for, you are looking for people to serve you.

By the way, don’t mistake love and intimacy. Intimacy is when you connect with someone on a level where you not only accept them and they accept you, but you have so many things in common that you become one.

Money – Thermostat Thinking

Money is a subject that creates different emotions depending on the group and situation in which it is discussed. In researching this post, we came across: T Harv Eker (Author “Millionaire Mind”) where he teaches how your perspective on money compares to a Thermostat (thermostat thinking).

The concept is: You have a ceiling (and bottom level) about what you believe you are worthy or capable of and you will do whatever it takes to stay there.

Let’s illustrate this concept from a business perspective.

Your thermostat (belief) is set to earn $20,000 a year (what you believe you are worthy or capable of). If your business brings in a lot of income (where you go beyond the $20,000 mark), you will do something to destroy it (your thermostat turns the “fans” on and cools things down).

You will stop going to meetings. You will start to treat people differently…etc. Whatever it takes to get back to that $20,000. In most cases, you don’t even realize what you did.

You could even end up in a business that collapses. Your thought would be, “Well that wasn’t my fault.”

Guess what?

You were attracted to a business that wouldn’t last because that is the vibration you put out.

Haven’t you noticed that things just keep happening and you stay or get back to where you were?

On the opposite side of this illustration: if you earn less than $20,000, something happens where you pick up momentum (the thermostat turns on the heaters) and you get back to the $20,000 level.

Up or down, you will get back to the $20,000 income.

So we must raise the allowance on our thermostat to where we can receive more. For most, starting at a million dollars is not believable, but $50,000 is. A good practice would be to say to yourself daily, “I receive money from multiple sources and earn $50,000 in income. I choose this or something better.”

Something better at the end allows a larger increase while at the same time, the $50,000 is believable.

You will always attract that which you believe to be true (right, wrong, good or bad).

So let’s reprogram and then the vibration we put out will attract things that will increase our business. Then our income will increase. Most important, we won’t sabotage the increase.

By the way, I used money as an illustration because most can identify with this. Again, this thermostat thinking holds true in every area of your life.

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind

Time to eliminate the conflict of conscious and unconscious (subconscious) mind. You only have one mind and it is at work (all the time).

Because your mind (computer) is open to the public, others are always placing information on it (media, music, family, friends, mentors, etc).

Some of the information is empowering and will assist you as you move towards the things you want in life.

Then there are the “viruses” that will slow down your computer.

The good news is “you have the ability to delete, add, rewrite any and all of the data shared”.

You just have to look at your results. If you don’t have what you want in your life, then the data has a virus.

If you are attracting the things you want where your “Reality is Your Dream”, then your computer is fine tuned.

Now that we have that handled: whatever subject is in “the browser of your computer” (what you are thinking about at the moment), will bring up the files in your mind relating to that subject. The subject in the browser is the conscious mind. Why? Because it is what you are consciously thinking about. It is the subject you are focused on at the moment.

Everything else is unconscious. Why? Because it is not what you are thinking about and it is not in the browser.

If you are looking at the subject of “relationships” on your computer, then everything playing in the background that you don’t see is not trying to attack your computer, sabotage the computer, etc. The other information is stored on the computer and is “unconscious” (for this illustration).

If you switch subjects and pull up “money”, then it will become what you are focused on and the files about money will pop up. Everything else (including relationships now) are in the unconscious arena.

Quick tip: Everything that is stored in your “unconscious” mind was put there by your “conscious” mind (Esther Hicks).

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking your mind is attacking you. It is not. It is just full of files that were programmed into “YOU”. You get to decide on what to use or not. You are in control


Fear is never the issue that keeps you from accomplishing the things you desire in life. Even though most are teaching, “You must overcome your fears. You must get out of your comfort zone.”

Some will even share the acronym that FEAR stands for: “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Let’s look closely and analyze this: “False Evidence” means it is created (made up). The question is, “where is it created?”

It is created in the mind.

Think about this: the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not.

All you have to do is repeat or see something enough times until you believe it. This is how belief’s are created.

So let’s bring this together.

It is created in the mind that doesn’t distinguish whether it is real or not.

That means, it is a “story.”

So the “story” is where the issue is. It is not located in FEAR.

People are looking in the wrong place to address the issue.

We must look at the story that has FEAR attached to it. Rewrite it with a story that has a different emotion. The better the story, the better you will feel.

FEAR disappears the moment you believe the new story that doesn’t have fear attached to it.