Productive vs Unproductive Thoughts

Thoughts productive vs unproductive is just a way of saying there are always opposites to everything. But we believe “all thoughts are productive.” Since all thoughts create a result; that means they are all “productive”. The question is, are they producing the results that you want?

With that said, what most call “unproductive thoughts”, we believe they can actually be recognized for what they are – one of your best friends (along with “what you don’t want” – a different training).

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Yes, if you are heading in the wrong direction, isn’t it nice to have someone that you “trust” to pull you aside and stop you from doing something that could harm you? In some instances, they might have to pop you upside the head lol

The “pop upside the head” is the pain you receive when you are headed in the direction of “unproductive thoughts” (we will stay with “unproductive” for this training so no one gets lost lol) or receiving in life, “what you don’t want”.

“Unproductive” thoughts show up in the form of depression, stress, illness and whatever other words we use.

I remember Anthony Robbins sharing how a woman would get emotional and start crying when she talked about her relationship. He threw water on her every time she started to cry. What he did was interrupt this “unproductive” thinking (remember the unproductive thoughts were letting her know something wasn’t right and it needed to be addressed – just like a friend would do). What the water did was replace the old picture (thoughts) that created pain into a picture (thoughts) of water being thrown on her – which made her laugh.

Now, when she thinks about her relationship, she laughs. Tony is great at recognizing unproductive thoughts that are “warning” you something isn’t right and guiding you to rewrite those thoughts to a pleasant and empowering story (thoughts). The result: positive emotions that guide you to productive actions and getting “what you really want”.

When we realize pain is just a “warning” sign, life becomes an easier path. Stop (pause) and recognize you are off track and figure out how to get back on track. By the way, the ability to “pause” is what makes the difference between animals and humans.

Animals just respond to stimulus (life). In other words, things happen and they respond immediately without thinking (instincts).

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of humans operate the same way. Things happen and they just respond. They have the ability to stop (pause), it is just something they don’t do too often, so their “pause” device squeaks or is stuck. Some people need to take the time to oil, grease, W2 or whatever else that will eliminate the squeaking/stuck and start using their “pause” device lol

So Ron, how do I recognize these thoughts (productive or “unproductive”)?

Are you tired of living a life in quiet desperation? Get Relationship Success Handbook as a FREE download. Creating a shift in how you feel about you and your relationships.

Your “feelings” are your Human GPS and if you stay truly connected to them, they will guide you.

For those that don’t know what a GPS is (which I assume everyone does), it is a device (some have it on their phone) where you can tell the software the exact place (address) you want to get to. It will map out the directions and lead you to the doorstep. Most devices actually talk to you.
The difference between your GPS device and your Human GPS (feelings) is: the GPS device doesn’t go through emotional overload when you get off track (make a wrong turn). It will just recalculate where you are and guide you from your current location. It recognizes what you want to accomplish and that is to get to the destination that you programmed into it. Your devices only mission is to get you to what you want.

As a human being, that destination is pleasure and joy. Even those of you that don’t believe joy or happiness is that important. The people that believe it is not important have set their thoughts to stay away from enjoying life because they have written a story (thoughts) that say it will lead to pain.

Now that you know that, it is time to start rewriting our stories (thoughts) and move to a life of being empowered.

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    1. Appreciate your vibes.

  2. I appreciate your words and support. Your feedback is what inspires me 🙂

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