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Team building was a subject we decided to cover because what I am currently doing to attract people and what I have known (and wasn’t doing) is the best method to building a business and enjoying the process.

Most people have 100’s and even 1,000’s of people that they are connected to through their social medias. We are caught up in all the advertising your capture pages (squeeze pages), funnels, SEO, etc.

A young lady just messaged us on Facebook and asked about “how to mass email.”

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She is the inspiration for this piece.

What we asked her was, “Why are you looking to mass email? Are you looking to just mass email people and mass market or is your interest to get the best results?

Well folks (and I was told this over 20 years ago – some people take a long time to catch on lol) by Tom Hopkins (sales trainer). He said “If you take care of the people you do business with, then they will advertise for you”.

Do you get that???

Another way of saying that is (our interpretation), if you take the time and go through your social media and treat people like human beings (not numbers), you have a market and will never have to do anything cold market.

We told her to just add value on her Facebook site. As people comment and like, she can go to them and have a conversation. We didn’t say attack and try to recruit them. We said create a conversation with another human being. Through the conversation, people will let you know if an opportunity is something they are looking for. They may just need a friend at the moment.

Some folks will say “I don’t have time for that. I need to build this asap”.

Well here is a question: “How long have you been in business so far and how are your results?”

See we have all heard if you recruit 1 person a month and teach your team to do the same thing, at the end of the year you would have over 4,000 people in your organization.

This method is a way of attracting the people that are really interested in you and the direction you are going. Understand “You” are your product. If something happens to the company you are in, then what do you do? If people are attracted to you because of your integrity, they will not leave you because of the failed business. If anything they will help you find the new opportunity you both can get into.

Take the time and go through your social medias and rekindle relationships and watch the results.

If you just have 150 people (I know this is a low number but it will definitely prove the point) on your Facebook friends and contacted 5 people a day (a real conversation with no intent), it would take you a month to get through just your Facebook friends. This is not taking into account the new people you will start to attract because you are doing this.

You think 10% of the people will be looking for something to earn additional income?

10% of 150 = 15 people

What would 15 people on your team this month do for you?

What if only 5% were looking?

5% 0f 150 = 7 1/2 (if you are taking care of people that number would lean more towards 8 people instead of 7 – for those technical people lol)

Teach your people to do the same and the world is yours.

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