Selfish vs Self Absorbed

Selfish vs Self Absorbed brings joy into your life if you understand the difference.

We teach that being selfish is a major move towards having true peace in your life. We say this because that is our definition of selfish. Being at peace in every area of your life.

You owe that to yourself, no matter what the teachings of the world are. You are the only person that is with you 24 hours a day. Your family, friends, partners, etc. all care about you but they will not stay with you for 24 hours a day for the rest of your life.

So if you get that, this means it is up to you to make sure you are taken care of. If you are angry, then that is the person you take out to the world. If you are frustrated, depressed or happy, that is who you will display.

Would you agree that the world would rather have the best you presented?

Now we are not going to get into the subject about “haters” or people that don’t like you. The people that don’t want to see you happy, etc. Those are conversations that we are not entertaining here.

This is about bringing your best because it is what you deserve and it brings peace into your life.

By the way, you can be at peace where you are financially and not be a millionaire. As a matter of fact, you can not get there if you are not at peace. Another way to say this is to be grateful for what you do have.

Self Absorbed is the person you don’t want to be or be around. That is the person that thinks the world owes them something. They are the people that say, “I have said enough about me. So what do you think about me?”

We believe most classify selfish as self absorbed and we wanted to share what we believe to be the difference.

As you know, on the airplane, you are told to put your mask on first before helping others. That is “Selfish”. You can’t benefit others if you are not taken care of.


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