Procrastination is one of “Your Best Friends” because it makes it very clear to you that you are about to do something that you “really don’t want to do”.

How is that negative?

When you find yourself in this position, learn to ask the question “Why is it that I am thinking about putting this off (procrastinating)?”

If you are tired and it doesn’t have to be done right this moment, then put it off to later. Don’t fight your body because people make you feel guilty about not doing it now. Fighting your body will hurt you in the long run.

Now if you don’t want to do it because “you don’t want (like) to do it”.

Then it is time to hire someone or figure out a way to have someone do it for you. In return you can do something they don’t like to do.

Yes we know there are instances where you may need to do something “temporarily”. But the clarity allows you to see the vision and be open to how you can get away from having to do it, instead of believing it is life and you have no choice.

So enjoy “Procrastination” as it is just being a true friend that is helping you to get more “clarity” in your life.

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