Material Gains

Material gains as your number one priority will probably leave you with an empty feeling in your heart and stomach. You will ask, “I have all the material things I want and I am still not fulfilled.”

This exact feeling is why we see some people with what the world would call “everything” taking drugs and committing suicide.

We felt this was a subject of importance because there are many people that are teaching to go after your dreams, even at the expense of your loved one. The justification is, you are doing it for them. No you are not. If you are not present, than how does that serve them.

We understand the material things add value and enjoyment along the way. But not at the expense of the people you are suppose to be doing it for. You have to find a way to do both. We live in a world where you can have it all.

Don’t get so caught up in going after the big house, cars and things that will make you feel good. Turn around and your partner and kids are gone. They wanted you more than the stuff.

Again, don’t read anything into the conversation above. The intention is to have it all. We just don’t want you to get side tracked and remember the real reason and make sure you are present.


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