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Money is a subject that creates different emotions depending on the group and situation in which it is discussed. In researching this post, we came across: T Harv Eker (Author “Millionaire Mind”) where he teaches how your perspective on money compares to a Thermostat (thermostat thinking).

The concept is: You have a ceiling (and bottom level) about what you believe you are worthy or capable of and you will do whatever it takes to stay there.

Let’s illustrate this concept from a business perspective.

Your thermostat (belief) is set to earn $20,000 a year (what you believe you are worthy or capable of). If your business brings in a lot of income (where you go beyond the $20,000 mark), you will do something to destroy it (your thermostat turns the “fans” on and cools things down).

You will stop going to meetings. You will start to treat people differently…etc. Whatever it takes to get back to that $20,000. In most cases, you don’t even realize what you did.

You could even end up in a business that collapses. Your thought would be, “Well that wasn’t my fault.”

Guess what?

You were attracted to a business that wouldn’t last because that is the vibration you put out.

Haven’t you noticed that things just keep happening and you stay or get back to where you were?

On the opposite side of this illustration: if you earn less than $20,000, something happens where you pick up momentum (the thermostat turns on the heaters) and you get back to the $20,000 level.

Up or down, you will get back to the $20,000 income.

So we must raise the allowance on our thermostat to where we can receive more. For most, starting at a million dollars is not believable, but $50,000 is. A good practice would be to say to yourself daily, “I receive money from multiple sources and earn $50,000 in income. I choose this or something better.”

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Something better at the end allows a larger increase while at the same time, the $50,000 is believable.

You will always attract that which you believe to be true (right, wrong, good or bad).

So let’s reprogram and then the vibration we put out will attract things that will increase our business. Then our income will increase. Most important, we won’t sabotage the increase.

By the way, I used money as an illustration because most can identify with this. Again, this thermostat thinking holds true in every area of your life.

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