Marketing Through Networking

Rule One To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional – Taken from the book “Go Pro” by Eric Worre

“You must emotionally detach yourself from the outcome.” This is extremely important. Remember, our initial goal is education and understanding. It’s not getting a new customer or signing a new distributor. In other words, if you disconnect your emotions from the outcome and just focus on education and and understanding, everything gets very simple.

This sounds easy, but it’s difficult to do. All of us come into this business with the hope of recruiting some great people. It’s hard to disconnect from those expectations. But you need to remember, we’re not hunters. We’re not sharks. Our job is to educate people and help them understand what we have to offer. We act as consultants offering suggestions on how people can live a better life.

If you focus on getting a customer or new distributor, you’ll constantly be disappointed and you’ll find your prospects running away from you.

If you focus on education and understanding, you’ll have fun and your prospects will enjoy the experience”.

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