Market Business To New Prospects

Market business to new prospects when you first meet them?

To answer this question, you must first have clarity about what you want this business to do for you? Where does it fit in your business plan? In other words, make a decision: are you in this business for the long term or is this something you are just trying?

If you are just trying it, then continue to use the cold methods you are being taught. Anyone within 3 feet you talk to. Promote your business on the elevator. Act like you care about someone and 2 minutes into the conversation, you start pushing your business.

Don’t get me wrong, you will eventually get somebody if you use these methods. Just understand the teaching, “it’s a numbers game” becomes a reality because you are usually talking to the wrong people. So just be prepared for a short life span for your business.

Those that are teaching these methods didn’t build their business this way. Think about it, who do you know that is successful because of elevator recruiting, talking to people that were within 3 feet of them? Again you might get a few people, but wouldn’t it make better use of your time to use methods that will get you results?

By the way, if you are using these methods, chances are good you have been through many other business ventures and you think it is the businesses fault.

It is the “training” and way you are promoting “you” and your business.

With that said, only watch the video and read the rest of this post if you are in business as a part of your lifestyle.

You are in the people business. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is. You need people to use what you have to offer.

Knowing this fact would mean, we need to have good “people” skills. We need to “really” (not act) care for the person on the other end of your offer.

If you were the other person you are talking to; would you buy from you (based on your approach)?

Understand, we as human beings pick up each others vibes. People will pick up if you are only out for the sale or if you actually want to help them.

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Your business has to be able to help “them” or why are you offering it to them?

The people that figure this out, realize they need to create relationships and build from there.

So why not start there?

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