Law of Attraction Simplified

Law of attraction simplified is a part of our mission to simplify life and the events that occur in it.

Most have started to look at law of attraction as if it is some kind of “Self Development” program.

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Well, the law of attraction is a law of the universe. It is not something you control (just like you don’t control “time”). You can manage what you do with your “time”, but you can’t manage time itself.

The same is true with the law of attraction. It is working all day, every day and every moment. Whether you understand it, believe it, fight it or whatever else you have in mind.

To understand it is the same as playing or participating in anything in life. If you don’t know the rules, whatever happens, just happens (and usually not in your favor). If you know the rules, you can play the game to your favor.

Most people don’t learn the rules and then blame the world for the way their life turns out. Instead of saying “Enough. I will learn the rules and play the game to get the results “I truly want”. No longer will I just stand by and let life just happen!!!”.

With that said, the easiest way to explain the “law of attraction” (I have found) is to understand that your vibrations (vibes – which come from your feelings which are created by your thoughts) are like a magnet. There are things that all “magnets” will pull towards them and there are things that they will push away.

If you are in a negative state of being (feeling), then You vibrate a negative energy and your magnet (vibration) goes to work. It searches around and find any and everything that it can match up with and it will pull it towards YOU. When it notices things that are good (positive feelings), it will push that out of the way and continue to search for the bad/negative. Again, it is not figuring out, good, bad, right, wrong, etc., it is looking for vibrations that match it. You interpret them as good, bad, right, wrong.

That is why people that start their day off with bad (negative thoughts), will continue down that path (most of, if not the entire day). You have heard people say, “It was one of those days” (Personally, I have never had one of those days, so I am not sure what that means lol)

But why did their day stay on that “not wanting” path?

Well, the vibration they kept putting out (which they call negative) continued throughout the day looking for more things to pull towards them to help them to stay close to those vibrations (energy).

Again, the energy (vibrations) you are putting out is not trying to say, “what is good, bad, right, wrong, etc”. It is just being a magnet and pulling in anything that matches your current vibes.

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I said “current” because as soon as you notice the way you are feeling, you have the capability to make the adjustments to change your thoughts, which changes your story, which changes your feelings, which will change the vibes (vibrations) you are sending out.

Some wonder or will say, “Well I didn’t plan the car accident”. You did and you didn’t. You didn’t ask for a car accident, but you did put out a vibration that matches the same “vibes” you would have “if you were in an accident”. The accident was the easiest thing at the moment to match the vibes you were putting out. So you “contributed” in the creating of the accident. Just not on purpose. You didn’t know the rules of the game.

Now folks, this is not to scare you and have you being paranoid about everything you say and think. Most things take awhile to manifest (become what is known as reality). How strong the belief is, will determine how quick something will manifest (show up).

So if you notice the negativity, accept it for what it is and ask, “obviously I am feeling this way because something is not going the way I planned”. Analyze it and adjust the story to an empowering story (one that will move you forward from where you are standing at the moment”.

For most, you will not go from angry to happy. You might have to go from angry to frustrated and work your way to “happy”. The key is to keep writing new stories that will help you create a different vibe. Then you will notice how things start to turn around and work out.

So of course, the same holds true for creating a “positive – do want” energy (vibrations). You noticed I said “energy”. Just being positive is not always the answer. As Tony Robbins says, “You can say there are no weeds, there are no weeds!!! The weeds will just eat up your garden. Just recognize that you have weeds in the garden and pull them out”.

In short, life is what it is. How do I move forward from where I am currently standing is the only thing we need to focus on.

So I hope this sheds light and simplified the law of attraction. Again, it isn’t something you control, but you can control the vibes you put out. That in turn will cause your magnet to pull the things towards you that you really want.

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    1. Twenty Fifteen is the theme we are currently using. Thanks for stopping by.

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