Branding Using Someone Else’s Company

Branding is all the advertising (billboards, TV, magazine, chat rooms, social media, etc.) and any other effort that is put forth into turning a company, personal name into something that is immediately recognized.

Brands would be an example of Nike, Michael Jackson. These are brands. You say the name or show a logo and people know who or what you are talking about.

So today we will talk about should you tie your name (brand) to someone else’s company?

Well if you look at Michael Jordan and his brand being tied to Nike, then you would say “Yes”.

There are few people that meet the criteria above (where both people already have a well recognized brand and they merged the two). In his case if Nike takes a fall, other companies will run and want to merge with Jordan. If Jordan falls, Nike will cut ties and find another athlete to replace him. They are brands that can stand alone.

So this post is about the average person. Should you be branding your name with someone else’s company?

At Simplified University, we would say “No”.

The reason is what we just illustrated above. If the company takes a fall, can you stand alone. If your whole brand is tied to someone else, you will take a fall with them.

If it is not your company, do not brand yourself with them.

We believe you should brand “You”. That way, you will be in the same position as we discussed above. If the company you are “affiliated” with takes a fall, you can take your brand and move on.

Too many times we have seen marketers tied to a company (especially companies on the internet) watch their brand take a major hit because they are linked to the company that falls.

The objective is to make your brand solid and people will follow you. People understand that companies fall and they will not blame you because they have built a relationship with your brand. If all they know about you is (someone else’s company), then you don’t have the same credibility.

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Something to think about: if it isn’t your company, then you have no say over the way it is run. What they invest in. What they believe in. If down the line, you disagree with a move the company makes, what do you do?

We have seen people get stuck because their whole life (income wise) is tied to a company and they want out.

Do not put yourself in that position. Call your own shots, so you can walk away if you don’t agree with the direction the other company is going.


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