Anger, Frustration and Depression

Many believe they don’t have control over their emotions. It is just something that happens.

Well all emotions are based on stories. If you write a sad story, you will be sad. If you write a depressing story, you will be depressed. If you write a happy story, you will be happy.

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Let’s look at it from a movie perspective. You attend a “comedy” and you expect to laugh.


That is the intent of the movie. You didn’t go to a comedy to see a “drama” or “action” (people getting killed). For most, the killing would create a negative emotion.

The “stories” you create in your mind (life) work the same way.

I know some of you don’t like to hear the phrase, “it is stories”, because it sounds like you made it up.


Let’s try a different example.

You are talking with someone and all of a sudden, they call you a “jerk”.

Some will hear those words and laugh and say or think – “they can’t be talking about me”.

Some will hear it and get their feelings hurt – “why would they say that about me?”.

Some will take it personal and want to attack back with words and then some will actually take to physical violence.

Same situation, but depending on your perspective, your actions will follow.

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