Marketing – Using Money To Entice

We have noticed people advertising money. They share how easy it is to make money. Money just falling in your lap. You don’t have to do anything. As long as you can breath.

Now we know there are people that will respond to that and those are usually people looking to get something by doing nothing.

Professionals understand that it takes time and effort to build anything that has any longevity and integrity. Most important, they need to believe in what they are presenting to the world. Their credibility means something to them.

Quick Tip: People know they could get a second job and earn additional income. So that is a clear signal that money is not a driving force for most.

The key to marketing is the ability to show people the benefits of what you have to offer. What makes you different? Why do business with you? That is what will get people to take action. Fulfilling a need.

Those that question what is being said, just check any survey where it is asked about what is important (in your life, your job, etc.), money will not be at the top of the list. This is only being stressed to make it clear that those that are using this as their form of marketing, should find another way to promote your opportunity instead of advertising money.

By the way, how many big companies or marketers do you see showing money or flashing it.

If all you have to offer is money, good luck. You will always be able to bring people into any and all businesses, but you won’t get top quality people. People that could cause your organization to explode overnight. Those type of people need something of value.

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