To say simply “We Love Simplified U” would be a serious understatement. Our passion for having an always moving forward outlook on life has been with the staff at Simplified U for a very long time. It will hopefully shine through in the articles, videos, and content we produce here on the site.  

We have a staff of people who are dedicated to bringing you more than a recap of the latest tournaments and the high flying headline. We want to prove to you that Simplified U is created and dedicated to “Simplifying Lives Globally.”

Enjoy, Share, Like, Link, Tweet, and your greatest gift to us would be to use the information that you acquire.

If you are not having fun, you should be doing something else.

Thanks for your time
Your Uplifting Life Partners
The Simplified U Staff

I just wanted to stick my head in here and say hello and let you know that I appreciate your time, energy, and vibes. Without you, there would be no reason for us to exist. So thanks and please let us know what or how we can be of service.

Creator of Simplified U

Ron Simplified Myers


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