The Story Behind Simplified U

It’s funny how things happen. I was looking to get a domain name using my real name Ron Myers. Well with such a common name, you probably already guessed that someone owned the domain name (although they weren’t using it). They were offering it for sale and it was priced around $4,000 (if I remember correctly). I laughed and thought to myself, “You can get domain names for $.99, why would I pay $4,000?”

So the search for a new name began…

I don’t have a middle name, so the idea to create one for marketing purposes would be a “genius” idea. So what name could I pick?

Being I do my best to live in a positive mindset, I thought, “Look at positive words and find something!” So I went to the internet and began.

Here is where it gets crazy…

I am going down the page of words (starting at “A” and continuing through the alphabet). Nothing caught my attention. Then this word popped up – “SIMPLIFIED.” Yes, it was screaming at me. So I thought cool, that is one possibility. Then I proceeded to continue my search.

Would you believe it is like my eyes and mind lost focus? Every word from that point on looked like they were “blurry.” I began thinking, “Okay, Simplified is an option, but let’s continue.” It was like my brain and mind had already locked in and made the decision.

I thought, “This is crazy, and more importantly what is going on?”

So I went and shared this bizarre incident with my wife. She looked at me and said, “That is because it fits you. You are always trying to simplify things.”

It is true. My wife had even gotten on me because she commented that, “Sometimes you continue to explain things to a point as if people are not smart enough to pick it up.” HUHHHHHHH LOL

Well, that is never my intention, but I do want to make sure that people get what I am saying and there is no misunderstanding.

When I was in the financial services industry, I created a whole new in-home presentation for families (then the one the company created) because I wanted to make sure if a 10-year-old walked into the room, they would understand.

So the name stuck.

I was in a mentoring program and one of the people in the program mentioned “University” to add to the programs that I was creating. He said, “Since you are using Simplified as your branding, call it Simplified University.” What an awesome idea. So that was what it was for a while.

As time went on, it hit me that everything I am doing is about “You” the consumer (who I have relabeled as my Uplifting Life Partners – meaning we are “Partners” in this journey we call “Life” and the desire to “Uplift” each other should be our desire and mission).

So I decided to keep the “U” and drop the rest of the name.

Now it reads “Simplified” (which is me) and “U” which stands for you as my partners in life.

Together we can change ourselves, then our home, then our community, and then the world.

Welcome to the world of “Simplified U.” Hopefully your newfound home.

Creator of Simplified U

Ron Simplified Myers


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