90 Day Sex Rule

Sex on a schedule has always been a funny topic. There are people that will say, “I don’t have sex on the first date.”

Well do you have sex on the 2nd or 3rd?

How long do you wait?

This is where the idea of the “90 Day Sex Rule” came into being. It is believed that 90 days is a good period of time to get to know someone to see if they are worth you going to bed with them.

Didn’t that sound bad?

It was intended too.

Why would something as valuable as your body be measured based on a calendar or playing games with someone.

We have talked with young ladies and asked them would they give a guy they just met the keys to their car. The answer has always been “No”. Some of them wouldn’t give the keys to the guy and they have been with him passed a 90 day period.

Then our reply is: “But you would go to bed with him. You have just said your car is more valuable than you.”

Every women that has heard that has said “Woooooohhhhhh!!!! I never looked at it that way.”

Our intentions are to teach people that when you learn to value “You”, when and with who will answer itself.

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