4 Personalities and Relationships

4 Personalities and Relationships

Most have heard about the four different personalities but don’t understand why it is important. This training is designed to show you why it is significant in every area of your life.

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Some people teach it using colors, animals, words, etc.

The way I learned it was through the word “STAR”
(Disclosure: This information is from a class I took probably about 20 years ago and I haven’t been able to locate the company to give them credit. I know it is called the “STAR” System. I just want to disclose this upfront so everyone knows this is not my information. It is being shared with our group for educational purposes only)

This is how it works:
S = Stability
T = Technical
A = Action
R = Relationship

Looking at those tags you can probably figure the personalities out immediately. That is why I like this system. It is easy to remember and makes a lot of sense.

Understand that we have all 4 personalities. We are usually very strong in 2 of the 4. The person we usually marry is very strong in the other 2. That is why we hear opposites attract. It is real.

The challenge in most relationships is people spend time trying to convert their partner into being and thinking like them. Not understanding that the attraction was the fact that they weren’t like you. When you learn that your partner is there to help you where you are weak and vise-a-versa, then a relationship will work.

(Quick tip: No one is here to change anyone. You can share your experiences but allow them to be themselves. I will get into this topic more in my soon to be released book “The Relationship Success Handbook: Get Rid of Your Problems Not Your Partner http://therelationshipsuccesshandbook.com/)

So why is this important?

When you approach people (using a business example) about a business opportunity and your comment is – “You can be a millionaire tomorrow. Just tell your boss to go somewhere and let’s make this happen.”

Well an “S” personality is just what it says – stability driven. Think about it, would a person that is looking for stability, tell their boss to go somewhere or be willing to just jump into something and drop everything. No way. That would create instability” for them. You would have to approach them in a way where they can keep their job and not feel any risk and then they “may” look at what you have to offer.

Are you tired of living a life in quiet desperation? Get Relationship Success Handbook as a FREE download. Creating a shift in how you feel about you and your relationships.

If you said the same comment to the “T” personality, they will do all the research on you and your company. They will know your company better than you. That is why they are technical. Most people that are very strong as a “T”, will normally not work your business. Their objective is to learn everything and show how smart they are. They just never get around to working the business, they are researching. Now understand, these people are usually the people we call “Geniuses”. They write the manuals that put most people to sleep. Every personality has its strengths.

If you approach the “A” personality with the same statement, they are pumped up. They almost told the boss off today. They were ready to walk off the job. They are the people that have many jobs. Why? They are the boss or think they are the boss. These people jump on everything and that can be an issue (I fall in this category lol). They are like the “spinning plate” artist. The people that spin a plate on a long stick, run to another stick and start spinning another plate. They get about 7 or 8 plates going and they are running from one to the other. Looking like someone going crazy. You get tired watching them. “A”s have many businesses (the plates). This is why the “A” needs an “S” in their life or they won’t get anything done.

So the remaining personality, the “R” would not listen to you because you are talking about money and it seems like that is all that is important to you. They are into people. As the “R” says, they are relationship driven. They are the people that try to find the good in everyone. To get this person, you must approach them from a human perspective.

This is a quick overview, but I wanted to introduce you to the personalities and share with you why you may not be connecting with certain people. The same approach will “not” work on each personality. Know who you are talking to or you might just be wasting your time.

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