Depression in Relationships

Depression just seems to be a part of relationships if you are in them long enough. This happens to be a belief held by many.

Well we don’t agree with this and our intention here will be to simplify this subject.

We know that most never stop to think, “where does this depression actually come from”. We blame others or there is something mentally wrong with us. So we accept the fact that it just happens and there is nothing we can do about it. These thoughts bring on hopelessness.

Well we know and most don’t want to hear this, but depression is bought on by the person that is in a depressed state.

They have written a story that has “victim” tied to it. As a victim, it is “not your fault”. And since it is not your fault, then what can you do?

If you stare at that statement, the answer is in the question.

First step is to accept that it is your fault. Then realize it is the victim story that was written.

There lies the answer.

Rewrite the story.

Change the story about your relationship to a point where you are at peace in your life. Once you are at peace, you will notice a shift in your relationship.

At this point, you can decide if the relationship you are in is serving you or not. Then and only then, should the question on whether to stay or get out of a relationship should manifest.

You shouldn’t leave any relationship until you resolve your “peace” issue first.


Because you will take that same person (not at peace) into your next relationship and wonder why you are getting the same results.

Again, once you are at peace, you can take an honest look at the relationship and decide – “I am in or I am out”.

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