Relationship Building

Relationship building is actually caring about others with no hidden agenda.

We are always asked, but I don’t know what to say.

Well the easiest way to communicate with others is to “listen”. Yes, listen.

We get so caught up in making everything about ourselves and making ourselves feel significant, that we don’t hear what others are saying.

As an exercise, watch two people and see if they are listening to each other. It will be rare that “listening” will take place.

Most people are waiting (and some interrupt) to share, how they feel on the subject.


Because we are our favorite subject.

No way, that is arrogant (we can hear some of you saying).

Call it what you want, but it is true.

There is nothing wrong with feeling significant, but when you are in a conversation with someone, allow them to be significant.

You are already significant and know that (if you have been following the teachings in Simplified University).

Become a great lister and you will watch all your relationships build.

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