Love Is Emotionless

Love is a not a feeling as we are being taught. It is a choice.

What? Stay with us.

Love is accepting someone as they “are.” They do not have to change. They need to be authentic. The new phrase – “they need to be 100.” That means there is nothing fake or phony about them. You accept them “exactly” as they are.

We have been conditioned to believe that emotions are how you decide if you love someone or not.

Yet, we all understand that emotions change as often as the weather. And if this is true, emotions are definitely not a good way to measure if you love someone or not.

As you have learned (if you have been around Simplified University), emotions are attached to the stories that you create in your mind. If you write bad stories about someone, you will have bad feelings. If you write good stories about someone, you will feel good about them.

With this understanding that you control your emotions by your stories, then you have a “choice” on whether to love someone or not.

If you accept them unconditionally, then you love them. If you tie conditions to it (which most do), then it is not love you are looking for, you are looking for people to serve you.

By the way, don’t mistake love and intimacy. Intimacy is when you connect with someone on a level where you not only accept them and they accept you, but you have so many things in common that you become one.

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