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FacebookGroups are being used by many as their number one way of marketing their business.

We have found at Simplified University that most people who are using FacebookGroups are not taking advantage of the golden opportunity that is in front of them.

They join a group and start immediately advertising their business.

Think about it, the people in the group do not know you, so the likely hood of them clicking on what you have to offer is very slim.

Remember almost everyone in the FacebookGroups has a business opportunity and they are doing the same thing – “so called marketing.”

“So called marketing” because what most are really doing is posting and hoping for a miracle.

What is also really amazing are the people that talk about making money.

Ask yourself, would you or anyone be offering an opportunity if you couldn’t make money?

Here are a few question to ask yourself:

What makes you different?

Why would a person click on your business (what are the unique benefits)?

Again making money is not “unique”.

At Simplified University, it is recommended that you come into a group like you would a party or anything where you are just entering the room. You don’t walk through the door and say “Make money with me.” So why would you treat a group any different?

You come across as desperate and don’t care who gets involved with you. It’s only about making money for “You”.

You haven’t asked me anything and yet you are trying to recruit me. Once you know me, you might not want me in your group. Not only that, once I know you, I might not want to be in your group.

Being your own boss allows you the opportunity to be in business with people “You Want To Be In Business With.” So why would you throw it at everyone?

Here is a secret: “Just because you can get someone to join your business, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good thing.”

Do you have to motivate them to buy product? To join webinars? To come to live events? etc…

You just created a job.

Isn’t that what most are striving to get away from.

You want people that are self-driven and actually want to be a part of the opportunity.

Then they are inspired to do the business and will do it “with or without you.”

Note: Unless you need to motivate people because that makes you feel important – lol

So take the time to get to know people in the group. Treat them like human beings. “Like” what they are posting (only if you do – sincerity is very important). Give valuable feedback.

Guess what?

People you give feedback to, they will want to return the favor.

Caution: Some of them will immediately attack you and try to sell you. They are not professional and stay away.

As you build relationships, you will find out what they are looking for. If you can help them, then offer your business. And if you don’t have what they are looking for or can’t help them right now, keep in mind, it doesn’t mean they won’t need you or it tomorrow.

Tip: Based on the way you come across, they may eventually join your company. The question is, will it be with you? So treat people good.

Not only that, they may never join your business but will refer others to you because of your relationship.

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