Vibrations In Your Message

Today I wanted to take a minute and talk about the Vibrations In Your Message Post And Text.

You want to make sure any and every thing that you post on the internet would be okay to distribute to the world. If it showed up on the news, you wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

I am sure most are aware that what you place on the internet is not private (no matter what you are told).


Nothing is private (even your “private” messages). Do you know how many people have lost relationships, jobs, etc. because of things they posted in private, that are now public?

(Note: If you are looking for a job or different people to connect to; recognize Facebook (Social Media) are the first places companies and people visit to check you out. Watch out the messages (photos) you are leaving for the world to see.

Also be careful what you like or endorse on social media. When you acknowledge something that someone posts, it will be taken by the public that you “agree”.

Now you all know I will never teach you to do things to please others but you want to make sure your integrity is always set at an extremely high level. This is your journey and you walk it out by being your best.

Most of you are putting a lot of time and energy into branding “You” or your business and you don’t want that tarnished by the efforts of others.

I guess I should speak a little about what this blog is about and it is the vibrations In Your Message  lol

Make sure you are in a positive, healthy state of mind when you send things out (post or text). Every word we write has a vibration and people pick up on it.

If your mind is not right, take a break (which you should do every 45 minutes to an hour anyway) and start again fresh.

With this fresh thinking, you will notice how your messages are flowing better and most important, you feel good in sending them out. You will also notice your responses are more positive and you will receive more of them

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