Passion Test

Passion is a topic that people are always told they must figure out if they want to succeed in life.

Find your passion!!!


That is the response you hear from most.

Well Janet Attwood came up with what I consider to be the most powerful method. Being a part of our Fam, I felt it should be shared

Make a list of the 10 things that you can be passionate about (business, family, spiritual, services, entertainment, travel, etc) Once you do that, you can begin the process I will take you through


1) Travel to Europe

2) Corvette

3) Home on beach

4) Feed the homeless…

(Create 10 things on your list. By the way, if you are about to put millionaire or billionaire as one of your 10, then you need to ask yourself, Why? Are you wanting to be at that level (of income) because you believe it is what you need to make the other 9 things on the list a reality? If so, cross it off the list because you do not want to be a millionaire or billionaire, you just want to have the resources to make the things you really want – possible. This exercise is about finding your passions. We will talk about attracting what you want in a different training)

Once you have 10

You take #1 and #2 and you ask – “If I could only do #1 or #2, which would I choose”

(Tip: Do this by yourself and be totally honest. This clarity is being created for you. Not what the world has told you should be most important)

So in this example I would ask – “If I can only go to Europe or get my Corvette, which would I choose?”

So let’s say I said “I want my Corvette”, so that removes Europe out of this conversation”.

Next I would take the Corvette (#2) and compare it to #3

“Which would I want, the Corvette or the home on the beach?”

So let’s say I still want the Corvette. So that would remove the home on the beach out of this conversation.

I would continue this comparison until only 1 item was there. I would circle that and make it #1

Then I would start over. (Remember the one that is circled is no longer in the conversation. It already has a position)

So in this example I would take #1 and compare it to #3 (again because the Corvette is #1 and no longer in play)

I would follow the same steps and come up with #2 and continue to do this process until I have my “Top 5”

Understand you will do this list over and over. Life happens and things change. This is designed to get you Focused.

The steps to attracting what you want are

1) Know what you want

2) Focus

3) Allow

This exercise addresses the #1 and #2. The “allowing” is where people struggle and why people don’t get what they really want. (Allowing is a different training).

So now that you have finished this exercise, you now know what to focus on. If you are going to meditate, daydream, make dream boards, etc., you are now clear on what you what. Only focus on the top 5. If something is no longer in the top 5, re-do the entire list. “Clarity” is key.

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