Relationship Keys

Relationship Keys are believed to be a long laundry list. The reality is there are really only 2. You get these 2 down and life becomes a lot simpler.

  1. Accept People As They Are
  2. Communicate

We have made relationships so complicated. Some where along our journey, we picked up a thought (belief) that others are here to serve us. For that reason, we get upset when they don’t do what we tell (or ask) them to do.

Understand this, no one was born to serve you. If they do it, it is by choice and therefore you should be grateful.

The next one is “communicate”. Here is a secret:  You can only communicate if you “listen.”

Let’s say that one more time because I know it was loud in the room and most didn’t hear it.

You can only communicate if you “listen.”

You have to be willing to see others perspective. I didn’t say agree. But you need to understand. We can actually agree to disagree.

Come to appreciate that our differences are what allows the world to expand. If we all saw everything the same we would be bored and life would have no meaning. So welcome the differences. They might add some new found wisdom.



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