Don’t Want – Is My Friend

“Don’t want” is a phrase that creates bad feelings for most and they do everything possible to avoid being in that position.

Some people even go into deep depression because they believe there will come a time when this will not be a part of their life.

Well the truth is, it is just the opposite. It is the reason for everything that is created in the world.

Think about it, someone “didn’t want” to only have horses as a form of transportation and wanted a faster way to get around and created a car.

Someone “didn’t want” cars as an only means of transportation and wanted something faster and created an airplane.

Someone “didn’t want” to sit on the floor and created a table.

You get the point!!!

Everything in existence at one time was someones “Don’t Want”.

So when things appear in your life that you “don’t want”, stop getting upset and recognize that you are being handed some “clarity”.

In relationships, “don’t want” helps you to recognize what you “do want.” So look at all those past experiences and realize the gifts they have presented to you. Without them, you would not have gained the wisdom that you now posses.

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