100 – Zero Principle

What is the 100/0 Principle? Can I live with its definition?

The 100 is you/me taking 100% responsibility for our life and our decisions.

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The 0 is saying you have no blame and do not share in why my life is where it is.

This is a definition that seems very easy to understand, but most really don’t get it.

The word “respect” is an example. Many say “respect” is earned or that they will “give respect until the person does something they don’t like”.

That is putting all of the decision on their actions. That is not responsibility.

The true meaning (and the way I live) is I respect all people. I give you “respect” not because of who you are, but because of who I am. I respect everyone. You will be a beneficiary of that characteristic.

With that said, accepting and agreeing are not the same. I will accept you “as you are” and give respect. I don’t have to agree with your life style or characteristics.  We probably won’t hang out  if I don’t agree, but I will still show you respect.

Take 100% responsibility for the people in your life.

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