Fear is never the issue that keeps you from accomplishing the things you desire in life. Even though most are teaching, “You must overcome your fears. You must get out of your comfort zone.”

Some will even share the acronym that FEAR stands for: “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Let’s look closely and analyze this: “False Evidence” means it is created (made up). The question is, “where is it created?”

It is created in the mind.

Think about this: the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not.

All you have to do is repeat or see something enough times until you believe it. This is how belief’s are created.

So let’s bring this together.

It is created in the mind that doesn’t distinguish whether it is real or not.

That means, it is a “story.”

So the “story” is where the issue is. It is not located in FEAR.

People are looking in the wrong place to address the issue.

We must look at the story that has FEAR attached to it. Rewrite it with a story that has a different emotion. The better the story, the better you will feel.

FEAR disappears the moment you believe the new story that doesn’t have fear attached to it.