Facebook Groups

FacebookGroups are being used by many as their number one way of marketing their business.

We have found at Simplified University that most people who are using FacebookGroups are not taking advantage of the golden opportunity that is in front of them.

They join a group and start immediately advertising their business.

Think about it, the people in the group do not know you, so the likely hood of them clicking on what you have to offer is very slim.

Remember almost everyone in the FacebookGroups has a business opportunity and they are doing the same thing – “so called marketing.”

“So called marketing” because what most are really doing is posting and hoping for a miracle.

What is also really amazing are the people that talk about making money.

Ask yourself, would you or anyone be offering an opportunity if you couldn’t make money?

Here are a few question to ask yourself:

What makes you different?

Why would a person click on your business (what are the unique benefits)?

Again making money is not “unique”.

At Simplified University, it is recommended that you come into a group like you would a party or anything where you are just entering the room. You don’t walk through the door and say “Make money with me.” So why would you treat a group any different?

You come across as desperate and don’t care who gets involved with you. It’s only about making money for “You”.

You haven’t asked me anything and yet you are trying to recruit me. Once you know me, you might not want me in your group. Not only that, once I know you, I might not want to be in your group.

Being your own boss allows you the opportunity to be in business with people “You Want To Be In Business With.” So why would you throw it at everyone?

Here is a secret: “Just because you can get someone to join your business, doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good thing.”

Do you have to motivate them to buy product? To join webinars? To come to live events? etc…

You just created a job.

Isn’t that what most are striving to get away from.

You want people that are self-driven and actually want to be a part of the opportunity.

Then they are inspired to do the business and will do it “with or without you.”

Note: Unless you need to motivate people because that makes you feel important – lol

So take the time to get to know people in the group. Treat them like human beings. “Like” what they are posting (only if you do – sincerity is very important). Give valuable feedback.

Guess what?

People you give feedback to, they will want to return the favor.

Caution: Some of them will immediately attack you and try to sell you. They are not professional and stay away.

As you build relationships, you will find out what they are looking for. If you can help them, then offer your business. And if you don’t have what they are looking for or can’t help them right now, keep in mind, it doesn’t mean they won’t need you or it tomorrow.

Tip: Based on the way you come across, they may eventually join your company. The question is, will it be with you? So treat people good.

Not only that, they may never join your business but will refer others to you because of your relationship.

Vibrations In Your Message

Today I wanted to take a minute and talk about the Vibrations In Your Message Post And Text.

You want to make sure any and every thing that you post on the internet would be okay to distribute to the world. If it showed up on the news, you wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

I am sure most are aware that what you place on the internet is not private (no matter what you are told).


Nothing is private (even your “private” messages). Do you know how many people have lost relationships, jobs, etc. because of things they posted in private, that are now public?

(Note: If you are looking for a job or different people to connect to; recognize Facebook (Social Media) are the first places companies and people visit to check you out. Watch out the messages (photos) you are leaving for the world to see.

Also be careful what you like or endorse on social media. When you acknowledge something that someone posts, it will be taken by the public that you “agree”.

Now you all know I will never teach you to do things to please others but you want to make sure your integrity is always set at an extremely high level. This is your journey and you walk it out by being your best.

Most of you are putting a lot of time and energy into branding “You” or your business and you don’t want that tarnished by the efforts of others.

I guess I should speak a little about what this blog is about and it is the vibrations In Your Message  lol

Make sure you are in a positive, healthy state of mind when you send things out (post or text). Every word we write has a vibration and people pick up on it.

If your mind is not right, take a break (which you should do every 45 minutes to an hour anyway) and start again fresh.

With this fresh thinking, you will notice how your messages are flowing better and most important, you feel good in sending them out. You will also notice your responses are more positive and you will receive more of them

Hard Work To Be Successful

Hard work is any time you are doing something and you would rather be doing something else (Tom Hopkins).

That has become our mindset here at Simplified University. The title of the University tells this to be true. We believe people have made life way more complicated than it needs to be. And this is one of those topics that is actually hurting people (even if it isn’t being done on purpose).

If it is in a person’s thoughts and gut that it is “hard work” to reach success and therefore that would equal pain, doesn’t it mean that most will avoid it?

Tony Robbins pretty much summed it up this way, “People will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure”.

So without realizing it, we are running people away from the idea of success because it is too painful.

It is believed by those of us at Simplified University, that the conflict or bad teaching comes from people that are putting a lot of “time” into their craft. Because of the amount of time they are putting into their craft (they mistake time as hard work). If you enjoy what you are doing and you are having fun, than what makes it hard? Just because you get tired and there is effort involved?

To us, hard work is going to a place you don’t want to be. Working with people you don’t want to work with. Barely earning enough money to keep your head above water. And the worst part about it is believing you don’t have a choice (that is another video). Then continuing down this path for 30, 40 and 50 years. That is hard.

Life is too short to do anything that you are not passionate about.

Through this University and the things we are sharing, people will realize that when they take 100% responsibility for their thoughts and the stories they write, their “Reality is their Dream”.

If you are doing things you don’t want to do (which is hard), then it is time to start making the mental adjustments, which will create the physical freedom we are all looking for.

Branding Using Someone Else’s Company

Branding is all the advertising (billboards, TV, magazine, chat rooms, social media, etc.) and any other effort that is put forth into turning a company, personal name into something that is immediately recognized.

Brands would be an example of Nike, Michael Jackson. These are brands. You say the name or show a logo and people know who or what you are talking about.

So today we will talk about should you tie your name (brand) to someone else’s company?

Well if you look at Michael Jordan and his brand being tied to Nike, then you would say “Yes”.

There are few people that meet the criteria above (where both people already have a well recognized brand and they merged the two). In his case if Nike takes a fall, other companies will run and want to merge with Jordan. If Jordan falls, Nike will cut ties and find another athlete to replace him. They are brands that can stand alone.

So this post is about the average person. Should you be branding your name with someone else’s company?

At Simplified University, we would say “No”.

The reason is what we just illustrated above. If the company takes a fall, can you stand alone. If your whole brand is tied to someone else, you will take a fall with them.

If it is not your company, do not brand yourself with them.

We believe you should brand “You”. That way, you will be in the same position as we discussed above. If the company you are “affiliated” with takes a fall, you can take your brand and move on.

Too many times we have seen marketers tied to a company (especially companies on the internet) watch their brand take a major hit because they are linked to the company that falls.

The objective is to make your brand solid and people will follow you. People understand that companies fall and they will not blame you because they have built a relationship with your brand. If all they know about you is (someone else’s company), then you don’t have the same credibility.

Something to think about: if it isn’t your company, then you have no say over the way it is run. What they invest in. What they believe in. If down the line, you disagree with a move the company makes, what do you do?

We have seen people get stuck because their whole life (income wise) is tied to a company and they want out.

Do not put yourself in that position. Call your own shots, so you can walk away if you don’t agree with the direction the other company is going.


Marketing – Using Money To Entice

We have noticed people advertising money. They share how easy it is to make money. Money just falling in your lap. You don’t have to do anything. As long as you can breath.

Now we know there are people that will respond to that and those are usually people looking to get something by doing nothing.

Professionals understand that it takes time and effort to build anything that has any longevity and integrity. Most important, they need to believe in what they are presenting to the world. Their credibility means something to them.

Quick Tip: People know they could get a second job and earn additional income. So that is a clear signal that money is not a driving force for most.

The key to marketing is the ability to show people the benefits of what you have to offer. What makes you different? Why do business with you? That is what will get people to take action. Fulfilling a need.

Those that question what is being said, just check any survey where it is asked about what is important (in your life, your job, etc.), money will not be at the top of the list. This is only being stressed to make it clear that those that are using this as their form of marketing, should find another way to promote your opportunity instead of advertising money.

By the way, how many big companies or marketers do you see showing money or flashing it.

If all you have to offer is money, good luck. You will always be able to bring people into any and all businesses, but you won’t get top quality people. People that could cause your organization to explode overnight. Those type of people need something of value.

Market Business To New Prospects

Market business to new prospects when you first meet them?

To answer this question, you must first have clarity about what you want this business to do for you? Where does it fit in your business plan? In other words, make a decision: are you in this business for the long term or is this something you are just trying?

If you are just trying it, then continue to use the cold methods you are being taught. Anyone within 3 feet you talk to. Promote your business on the elevator. Act like you care about someone and 2 minutes into the conversation, you start pushing your business.

Don’t get me wrong, you will eventually get somebody if you use these methods. Just understand the teaching, “it’s a numbers game” becomes a reality because you are usually talking to the wrong people. So just be prepared for a short life span for your business.

Those that are teaching these methods didn’t build their business this way. Think about it, who do you know that is successful because of elevator recruiting, talking to people that were within 3 feet of them? Again you might get a few people, but wouldn’t it make better use of your time to use methods that will get you results?

By the way, if you are using these methods, chances are good you have been through many other business ventures and you think it is the businesses fault.

It is the “training” and way you are promoting “you” and your business.

With that said, only watch the video and read the rest of this post if you are in business as a part of your lifestyle.

You are in the people business. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is. You need people to use what you have to offer.

Knowing this fact would mean, we need to have good “people” skills. We need to “really” (not act) care for the person on the other end of your offer.

If you were the other person you are talking to; would you buy from you (based on your approach)?

Understand, we as human beings pick up each others vibes. People will pick up if you are only out for the sale or if you actually want to help them.

Your business has to be able to help “them” or why are you offering it to them?

The people that figure this out, realize they need to create relationships and build from there.

So why not start there?

Credit And The High Cost of Not Using It

An example of the high cost of not using your credit was a great discovery today when I was looking at a credit report company (Credit Karma). They had a graph that shows what grade you get for the % of your credit card usage.

For example:

If you have $1,000 available on your credit card and you have used $200 of it, that is equal to 20% usage will get you an “A” grade.

If you use $250 dollars, that would equal 25% usage and would push you into a “B” grade. Think about that – $50 pushed you from an “A” to a “B”.

Now I know some will ask, why is this important?

This has a huge impact on your credit report and that affects most areas in your life. Did you know employers are now judging you based on your score? Insurance companies are using them to decide what they will charge you. We all know it affects home buying, renting, cars and pretty much any high ticket item.

I know, I know – some of you don’t use your credit. You are just a cash type of person. Well check this out. If you have 0% usage on your credit cards, that equates to the grade “C”. You will get the same grade as someone that is using 41-60% of their credit. If that doesn’t make you go “WOW”, then you need to read it again because you didn’t get it – lol

So my recommendation would be to at least use 1-2%, if you are that person that wants to stay at 0%. At least you will have an “A” grade and at the same time, you know you could pay it off instantly if you needed to.

By the way, this is true for everyone. You should always be able to pay off your credit usage at any time. Now I know in life things happen and it is not always possible. But knowing and understanding the graph will at least help you understand where to get your amounts down to, so you could lower your % and get a better grade, so you can get better rates.

Again this information was taken directly from Credit Karma, so I want to give them their recognition.

If you use:

0% = C

1-20% = A

21-40% = B

41-60% = C

61-100% = D

100+ = F (how do you go over 100% – when you are over the limit on your cards)

No Credit = N/A

Use credit wisely, so you are not just giving away money in high interest rates.

The 5 Most Common Credit Mistakes

Credit mistakes are something you must first recognize and then make the adjustments. Listed below are the 5 most common and you control them.

1) Not valuing your credit – Good credit is a valuable commodity in today’s world. Bad credit, including a bad credit record, late payments, etc., can create a negative financial profile that can surface when you have a legitimate need to borrow.

(Credit mistakes will create bad credit and cause you to get higher interest rates. This will cost you a lot more money and a longer time period to pay off. Read the article we did on the rule of 72 because this will show how money grows. With credit, it is working against you if you don’t understand and use your credit the best ways possible. On the other side – good credit allows lower interest rates and future buying and borrowing power)

2) Raising credit card limits – If you use credit cards, avoid raising your limit. An increased limit is merely an increased temptation to buy. If a company notifies you that they are raising your credit limit, take that as a warning signal. Chances are you’ve been using your credit card for more than emergencies. (As with everything there is another side to this one. If you only have 1 credit card and the limit is $500 (even if it is empty), you are still a risk to lenders and you will not get the best interest rates. Lenders are looking for people that use their credit, but use it wisely. Many people are getting large credit limits shut down because they are not using their credit. Why? If you are a lender, you are at risk when a large limit just sits open. It tells them, you don’t use your credit, so the only time you will probably use it is in the case of an emergency. That emergency may be a loss of a job. Then how will you pay them back. This makes them nervous. So always look at both sides of everything. A rule of thumb is to make sure the credit you use you can pay back in cash if you need too. With that said (I will and I am NOT telling you to do this), use credit to acquire anything that I believe will put me in a position to reap more rewards at the end. In other words, I will purchase a ticket to a seminar, buy DVD’s etc. for anything that will help me expand me as an individual and will earn me more than I would ever earn with my current thought process. It can be looked at as using other peoples money (which is what banks do). You can take credit and invest it into something that will earn you more than what it cost to borrow. You will hear many stories of wealthy people that got their start by using their credit cards to begin their business venture. Being scared to use credit is a prison also. Just be wise with it. If it is investing in you, then I would use it. You know the difference).

3) Not monitoring your credit history – Know where you stand. Lenders and prospective employers get a snapshot of your debt repayment history with your credit report and it is important for you to know what they are seeing. (You are allowed one free credit report a year. So if you haven’t gotten yours, grab it immediately. It is a normal occurrence to have information on your report that is not accurate or doesn’t belong to you. Make sure to get these things removed immediately. Don’t find out when you are trying to get a loan. It will hold up the process and possibly cause you to lose the loan)

4) Not monitoring your credit score – A good credit score can determine a lot of things today: Whether you will be approved for credit, the interest rate on your loans, the cost of your homeowner’s and auto insurance or whether you will be approved to rent a house or an apartment. (Many of you are probably aware that lenders, insurance companies, employers, etc. are using your credit score as a way to judge your character. Many believe a bad score says you are irresponsible. This is not always the case but that is the way they are using it. So a good score is looked at as a responsible person (which is not necessarily the case). Someone could be paying their debts for them because a person is “irresponsible”. The concerned party doesn’t want the irresponsible person’s score to get messed up (some parents do this for their kids or a responsible spouse). If the parents or spouse (because of a divorce or break-up) decides to stop paying, then the truth comes out. We all know things are not what they always seem to be. But knowing you are being judged by your scores are crucial. So do your part to keep it at the highest level possible). That means again – monitoring your reports.

5) Not knowing your interest rate and fees – Fees vary widely among cards. Always make sure you know what the interest rate and annual fees are before you accept the card. (This is crucial. There are cards that will give you a credit line (if you have no credit or bad credit) where they will give you a credit limit of $300. They will charge you a bunch of fees and you will owe them $250 by accepting the card. If you have to create this kind of debt, then the card is not worth it. You could get a prepaid card for that amount and have instant access to the same credit limit. In these cases, a lot of prepaid cards will give you the deposit back at the end of 1 year. They are just using it as collateral, if you should default on paying them back. For some this is a way to establish or repair credit. If they are not giving you the money back, then don’t use it. Just be aware that credit card companies earn their money on fees. Be careful when your payment is due. Companies change the due dates on purpose. They know people are habitual and will pay the same day each month. Their goal is to catch you sleeping and you will pay late. This allows them to charge you a late fee. Look at the fees for getting cash. If a company is charging you $10 to get money and you only take out $20, then you just paid 50% interest. Yes, this should be illegal, but it is not. So you must be aware)

Note: The words in brackets are my perspective on each mistake. The 5 most common credit mistakes was taken from the book: How money works: A common sense guide to Financial Success by Primerica

Below is more insight and places to check out to get more education on credit:

FICO has noted that below 20% is good, below 10% is better, and that people who have the highest credit scores average 7% credit utilization. (Example $1,000 credit limit – 20% would equate to stay at or below $200. 10% would equate to stay at or below $100. 7% would equate to stay at below $70)

To your FICO score, managing your credit responsibly means:

Pay your bills on time — Late payments and accounts referred to collections agencies can have a major impact on your FICO score.
Keep balances low on credit cards relative to their credit limits — High outstanding debt can affect your credit score.
Pay off debt rather than moving it around — A reliable way to improve your credit score is by paying down your credit card debt.
Don’t open new credit cards just to increase your available credit — This approach could backfire and actually lower your credit score.
Open new credit accounts only as needed — A cautious approach to taking on new credit will help you maintain a good score.

For more information and a great source to answer most credit questions – visit: http://www.myfico.com/CreditEducation/Questions/
For Free download books – visit: http://www.myfico.com/crediteducation/brochures.aspx

Disclaimer: I am not connected with these programs in any way and I am not responsible for what they disclose. I am just referencing this as a good source to get your questions, answered.

Money And Time Value

Individual A
Age 22
Contributions into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
Annual Payment: $5,000
Contributes for 8 years and stops
Total Contribution: $40,000 ($5,000 each year x 8 years) and they let the money stay in the account until age 67

Individual B
Still wanting to party. Knowing they have nothing but time on their side. Saving right now when they can buy those new shoes (5th pair in the last few months). You know what I am talking about. Well they start 8 years later. The same year (Individual A stops contributing)
Age 30
Contributions into an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
Annual Payment: $5,000
Contribute for 38 years and stops (Age 67)
Total Contribution: $190.000 ($5,000 each year x 38 years)

Well what we call “common sense” would say – Individual B has to have a lot more money saved. After all, they contributed $190,000 and Individual A contributed $40,000.

So at age 67, let’s look at the results:

Individual A has: $1,845,710
Individual B has: $1,701,330

What? No way. How is that possible?

Yes, even though Individual B contributed $150,000 more money than Individual A, they actually ended up with less money in the amount of $144,380.


Folks that is a difference of $294,380 (The $150,000 that Individual A did not contribute + $144,380 more at the end).

This example was taken from the book: How Money Works – A Common Sense Guide To Financial Success. Created by Primerica

The wording is my view.

Disclaimer: They hypothetical 9% nominal rate of return, compounded monthly, and tax-deferred accumulation shown for both IRA accounts are not guaranteed or intended to demonstrate the performance of any actual investment. Unlike actual investments, the accounts show a constant rate of return without any fees or charges. Any tax-deductible contributions are taxed and tax-deferred growth may be taxed upon withdrawal. Withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to a 10% penalty tax. Assumes payments are made at the beginnings off each year. Investing entails risk, including loss of principal. Shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original value.

Note: Information was taken from the book: How money works: A common sense guide to Financial Success by Primerica

Debt Payoff Formula

Many will tell you the fastest way to eliminate debt is to send additional money to each card.

Some will say, pay the one with the highest interest rate.

Some will say pay the one with the smallest amount owed.

There are many ways to do it.

Why is a plan so important?

Depending on how much you owe, what interest rate you are being charged, how much the company is asking you to pay as a monthly payment, how much you are going to use towards paying your debt each month – will determine what order you should pay your debts.

A person that will put $100 a month towards paying off their debt will be told a certain order to pay off their debt. If this same person can pay $200 towards debts, a lot of times the order of payoff will change.


Some cards, loans are asking you to pay enough monthly (and because of the interest rate they are charging), they are actually accelerating your payoff compared to another debt.

I know you didn’t know it was that detailed to matter. Yes it is that detailed!!!

If you don’t have software that can tell you the fastest way, all you need to do is line your cards up and place your mortgage at the bottom of the debt. If you have debt that are not charging you interest or if you accelerate it, it is not going to save you any money – those go just above the mortgage.

Line up your cards: the one that has the lowest balance to the one with the highest balance. Do not send additional money to anyone except the company on top of the list. Everyone else gets the minimum payment.


Card 1: owe $500
charging interest
asking for $50 a month payment
Card 2: owe $200
charging interest
asking for $25 a month payment
Card 3: owe $1200
charging interest
asking for $65 a month payment
Card 4 owe $100
no interest
asking for $10 a month payment

Most will tell you to pay the $100 because it is the smallest.

Why I say you shouldn’t?

It is not going to save you any money by paying it off faster. There is no interest or the loan/card is at a point where acceleration is not going to save you any money. You want to eliminate the people that are charging you.

Think about it. If you pay $50 (card 1 above) and $30 is interest, you are only paying $20 on your debt. Most don’t understand how long it takes to pay off a card if you pay the minimums.

So in the example above, I would pay in the order you see (except switch cards 1 and 2).

It will look like this:

Card 1: owe $200
charging interest
asking for $25 a month payment
Card 2: owe $500
charging interest
asking for $50 a month payment
Card 3: owe $1200
charging interest
asking for $65 a month payment
Card 4 owe $100
no interest
asking for $10 a month payment

Pay off the $200 first. Once it is paid, you take the money you were using ($25) and go after card 2. So your new payment on card 2 would be $50 (original monthly) + $25 (old payment on card 1) = $75 until card 2 is paid off. You continue these steps until you are out of debt.

Tip: Again only the person on top gets additional money. Minimum payment goes to everyone else

Note: Once cards are paid off, use the monthly payments to accelerate your mortgage.