Conscious vs Unconscious Mind

Time to eliminate the conflict of conscious and unconscious (subconscious) mind. You only have one mind and it is at work (all the time).

Because your mind (computer) is open to the public, others are always placing information on it (media, music, family, friends, mentors, etc).

Some of the information is empowering and will assist you as you move towards the things you want in life.

Then there are the “viruses” that will slow down your computer.

The good news is “you have the ability to delete, add, rewrite any and all of the data shared”.

You just have to look at your results. If you don’t have what you want in your life, then the data has a virus.

If you are attracting the things you want where your “Reality is Your Dream”, then your computer is fine tuned.

Now that we have that handled: whatever subject is in “the browser of your computer” (what you are thinking about at the moment), will bring up the files in your mind relating to that subject. The subject in the browser is the conscious mind. Why? Because it is what you are consciously thinking about. It is the subject you are focused on at the moment.

Everything else is unconscious. Why? Because it is not what you are thinking about and it is not in the browser.

If you are looking at the subject of “relationships” on your computer, then everything playing in the background that you don’t see is not trying to attack your computer, sabotage the computer, etc. The other information is stored on the computer and is “unconscious” (for this illustration).

If you switch subjects and pull up “money”, then it will become what you are focused on and the files about money will pop up. Everything else (including relationships now) are in the unconscious arena.

Quick tip: Everything that is stored in your “unconscious” mind was put there by your “conscious” mind (Esther Hicks).

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking your mind is attacking you. It is not. It is just full of files that were programmed into “YOU”. You get to decide on what to use or not. You are in control

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