Clarity Within You

Clarity in you is the first relationship that must be addressed. The song “Man in the Mirror” has more meaning than most people understand.

We teach, before you leave home or first thing in the morning, make sure that the person in the mirror is on your team. If they are not, go back to bed or figure out a way to get them in agreement. Bottom line, don’t leave home without them.

Think about it, you are with you all day every day. If you are constantly beating up on you, how can you accomplish your desires. The person you should be able to depend on is not with you. Those thoughts and vibes will be passed on to others.

Some wonder why they can’t get people in agreement with them in business, relationships, etc. If you can’t win over “You”, how can you persuade others to want to be a part of something you are involved in?

So spend “Me Time” daily (a minimum of 1 hour). Be grateful for what you have and fall in love with you. There are medias that you can get your hands on.

All we know is when that relationship (with self) is in harmony, all the outside relationships will fall into place.

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