Integrity Is Everything

Integrity is everything. Be a person of your word. When you tell someone you are going to do something, they should know it is already done.

You know people that as soon as they tell you they are going to do something, you think: “Sure you are.” People that you know if you ask them to do something, it won’t get completed. People you can tell them it is urgent and they still will not come through.

Make sure you never become one of those people.

It means having high standards for yourself. You do it because of who you are. Not because of others. This is not about looking good. This is about being excited about the person you look at in the morning.

If you come across decisions that can cause you to go out of integrity, choose integrity.  Don’t allow others to determine what is right or wrong for you.

Be strong in your stances in life. People without integrity will always try to get you to do things that they know are not right. That old saying, “misery loves company.”

Tip: Those out of integrity are people you should either stay away from or definitely limit your exposure to them.


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