Depression And Its Source


Depression and its source begins with the stories we write about how life should be. Somewhere along our journey, we create a belief that things are supposed to go a certain way. When that doesn’t occur and a person feels helpless (victim mode), they will go into a depressed state of being.

Unfortunately for most that deal with it, they have been programmed to believe it is out of their control and in most cases, drugs are the solution. The drug industry is a whole other subject.

Tony Robbins states: Depression is when a person is being self-absorbed. You can’t be depressed and be thinking about others.

So if we look at that definition of depression, it comes back to what we continue to teach at Simplified University and that is: it is all about the stories we write.

If you are thinking about others, those stories don’t have “depression” attached to them and therefore you will not be depressed.

So those of you that get into depressed states, you need to stay away from the stories that get you depressed. Better yet, learn to rewrite the story so you have a different emotion attached.

This is our main message we want to drive home at Simplified University: emotions come from stories. Change the stories, you will change the emotion.

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